So, you are ready to have your own Scottish Fold or Straight kitten?

We are showing to you our Scottish Fold / Straight kittens and pictures of their parents. In our cattery, you will find Scottish Fold / Straight kittens that would be a great household addition, as well as those that are fit for the breeding purposes.

If you are interested in the price for a Scottish Fold / Straight kitten, don’t hesitate asking questions about the price and the class of each Scottish Fold / Straight kitten.

If you would like to know prices for our Scottish Fold / Straight kittens, please follow the link below.

This can be done either by phone: +1443-540-7982 or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are happy to answer all your questions.

All our male and female Scottish Fold and Straight cats are tested for carrying genetic diseases, so we are sure of the health of every Scottish Fold / Straight kitten.

If you choose to adopt a Royal Scottish Fold / Straight kitten, he/she would come home with

  • Sale Contract
  • TICA Registration Certificate
  • Health Record (Vaccinations current and Deworming)
  • Spay / Neutered
  • Care Instruction
  • Shoulder Bag with Logo
  • Small Bag of Food
  • Toys

Kitten K5

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Kitten K2

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Kitten J5

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Kitten J3

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Kitten K1

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Kitten J2

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Kitten K3

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Kitten J4

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Kitten Package

Kitten Package Included

  •  1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee
  • icon hcm 2 Years HCM Health Guarantee
  • icon deworming Deworming
  • icon rabies FVRCP Certificate
  • icon rabies Rabies Certificate
  • icon neutered Spay/Neutered
  • icon dna DNA Parents
  • icon tica TICA Registration
  • icon contract Contract of Purchase
  • icon food Small Bag of Food
  • icon toy Bag of Toys
  • icon care info Kitten Care Information
  • icon support Lifetime Support 24/7

Additional Package

  • icon genetic FIV/FeLV Test - $38
  • icon vaccination FeLV Vaccine - $28
  • icon chip Microchipping - $45
  • icon revolution Revolution in–house - $7
  • icon genetic DNA Test - $105
  • icon carrier box Travel Carrier Bag - $65

Kitten Adoption Process


If you are interested in adopting a kitten from us, please fill out the Application so we can assess your background and experience with pets.


After your application is approved, use a secure payment system to put down a deposit. You will have 24 hours to send us a non-refundable deposit and sign the Deposit Agreement.

Delivery or Pickup

Once a deposit is received, the kitten will be held and not offered to anyone else. If the kitten needs to be delivered or shipped, you must pay the rest of the balance two weeks before the shipping/delivery date. Otherwise, the balance is due at the pick-up date in Cash, please.


Before you bring a new kitten/cat into the house, you must prepare a room for the kitten/cat. You must isolate your kitten/cat from other animals in a small room for two weeks. Get your home ready by following our step-by-step guidelines

Review & Feedback

Congratulations on your new furry friend, and welcome to our Royal Purebred Cat Family! Please follow our page on Instagram and share your experience with our future and previous clients.

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Your feedback is essential for us and helps our cattery grow.

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