Scottish Fold/Straight cats/kittens, like many other breeds, do shed their fur, but the amount of shedding can vary from cat to cat. The shedding level of a Scottish Fold/Straight kitten or cat depends on factors such as genetics, coat type, and individual variations.

Scottish Folds/Straights can have either short or long coats. Short-haired Scottish Folds have a dense, plush coat, while long-haired Scottish Folds/Straights have a softer, longer coat. Both coat types will shed.

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Regular grooming can help manage shedding and keep your Scottish Fold's/Straight’s coat in good condition. Here are some tips to help manage shedding:

Brushing: Regular brushing helps remove loose and dead hair, reducing the amount of fur that ends up on your furniture and clothes. Brushing also promotes healthy skin and coat.

Healthy Diet: Providing your cat/kitten with a balanced and nutritious diet can contribute to a healthy coat and overall well-being, potentially reducing excessive shedding.

Hydration: Proper hydration is important for skin and coat health. Ensure your cat/kitten has access to fresh water at all times. 

Bathing: Occasional baths can help remove excess hair and keep the coat clean. However, not all cats/kittens enjoy baths, so it's important to introduce bathing gradually and make it a positive experience.

Regular Veterinary Care: Regular check-ups with the veterinarian can help identify any underlying health issues that might contribute to excessive shedding.

De-shedding Tools: Consider using de-shedding tools or grooming gloves designed to help remove loose hair from your cat's/kitten’s coat.

It's worth noting that shedding is a natural process for cats/kittens, and some level of shedding is to be expected. However, if you notice a sudden or significant increase in shedding, or if your cat's/kitten’s coat looks unhealthy, it's a good idea to consult a veterinarian to rule out any potential health issues.

Remember that regular grooming and maintenance can help keep shedding under control and ensure that your Scottish Fold's/Straights coat remains healthy and beautiful.

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