Straight vc. Fold

"Straights" and "Folds" are terms used to describe the two types of ears found in the Scottish Fold cat breed.

Straights: "Straights" refer to Scottish Fold kittens and cats that have traditional, upright ears that stand straight up like those of most other cat breeds. These cats do not carry the genetic mutation that causes the characteristic folded ears of the Scottish Fold breed.

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Folds: "Folds" are Scottish Fold cats/kittens and cats that possess the genetic mutation that leads to their distinctive folded ears. The mutation affects the cartilage in their ears, causing them to fold forward and downward, giving the breed its unique appearance.

It's important to note that the folded ears are a result of a genetic mutation, and while they contribute to the breed's charm, they also come with potential health considerations. The same gene responsible for the folded ears can also affect the structure of the joints, leading to conditions such as osteochondrodysplasia. Responsible breeding practices focus on minimizing health issues while preserving the breed's desirable traits.

When breeding Scottish Folds, it's recommended to avoid breeding two folded-ear cats together, as this can lead to severe health issues in the offspring. Instead, breeding a folded-ear cat with a straight-ear cat can help maintain the breed's unique appearance while reducing the risk of health problems.

Whether you're interested in a Scottish Fold with folded ears or a straight-eared Scottish Fold, it's important to choose a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of the cats they breed. Responsible breeders will conduct genetic testing and follow ethical practices to ensure the health and happiness of their cats.

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