About Scottish Fold / Straight Kittens

If you decide to buy a healthy Scottish Fold or Straight kitten, then you came to the right place. All of our Scottish Fold / Straight  kitten are raised with love and attention in constant contact with people and children. They are perfectly socialized, brought up accustomed to using the tray and scratching.

Our kittens are ready for the new home from 12-16 weeks (about 3 and a half months). We have kittens with the best breed characteristics. We are in Maryland, 21157 USA. We raise the kittens among our family, so they are very sociable and will easily adapt to their new homes.

We let them play freely around the house and with our children. We are interested in Quality, not Quantity. The process of becoming an owner of Scottish Fold / Straight is simple.

Available kittens

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Why Choose A Scottish Fold / Stright?

  • Scottish Fold / Straight, good with babies and children
  • Scottish Fold / Straight will demonstrate their love for you
  • Scottish Fold / Straight have long or short fur.
  • Scottish Fold / Straight are cuddly
  • Scottish Fold / Straight come in so many colors
  • Scottish Fold / Straight are clean cats
  • Scottish Fold / Straight looks like a teddy bear or an owl!
  • Scottish Fold / Straight may have folded or straight ears
  • Scottish Fold / Straight sweet personalities
  • Scottish Fold / Straight One easy-going breed
  • Scottish Fold / Straight incredibly good with another animals

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